Our Story

Collagen is an essential component of the human body and is designed to support tissue reconstruction, increase general well-being and to maintain physical youth. So in 1986, research lead Michel Grisé to investigate the possibility of enhancing collagen production in our body through a daily intake of a special formula created to help the human body to fight a progressive decrease in collagen production.

In 1988, while undertaking research, Michel felt the need to modify his daily habits and diet. He decided to become his own “guinea pig” in testing his new and exciting product. It only took a few weeks for him. and others, to notice that he had lost fat in and gained significant muscle mass. He also noticed that his general health and well-being was increased.

This discovery drastically changed his life!

He was finally able to participate and partake in physical activities, which he had been unable to do for years prior. Not only was his new product all-natural, easy to administer and required a small daily dose, but it also had absolutely ZERO side-effects!

His friends and colleagues noticed the amazing, positive effects that his product had on his daily routine, health and shape. Many of his friends and family members wanted to experience the benefits of this exceptional product. At the time, no one had a clue that it would become a landmark in the dietary supplement world.

In a short period of time, word of mouth made its impact and more and more people, even people Michel didn't know, were knocking on his door asking for the 'miraculous' product!

By 1989, Michel had experienced, enjoyed and understood the amazing health benefits that his formula had on his friends, family and colleagues.

His objective was then very simple: he wanted as many people as possible to benefit from his all-natural product. It was at that moment that Michel Grisé officially introduced his miraculous product to the general public worldwide and mass production and distribution began.  

Over the next 15 years, his amazing product became known internationally and was sold and distributed in many countries worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland and many others.

Since then, this product has changed millions of people’s lives and has become a major phenomenon.

That said, we’re excited to announce that in 2018, Michel Grisé and his team will be launching a brand-new product called RadicalPlus®!

This will be one of the most powerful protein supplements in the world!

RadicalPlus® provides a perfect chain of amino acids to support your body in many critical areas: fat loss; assists in rebuilding lean muscle mass; assists in the restoration of the body's collagen base as well as providing balance to your body’s metabolism.

RadicalPlus® is an amazingly powerful body-sculpting supplement.

RadicalPlus® saves you energy!

What does that mean?

It means that when you use RadicalPlus® daily, you will use up to 41% LESS energy to accomplish your daily tasks.

RadicalPlus® allows you to use less energy during your workouts as well as shorten your recovery time tremendously!

RadicalPlus® will improve your sleep!

RadicalPlus® assists you in attaining your ideal shape!

RadicalPlus® gives you more energy and helps you feel great!

RadicalPlus® will be the best tool in your arsenal, assisting you in achieving your ultimate goals as well as the total well-being of your body and mind!

RadicalPlus® allows you to live your dreams!

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