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Good news!

The United States government and the Federal Government of Canada have each granted to Michel Grise, owner of Corporation Santé Naturelle Carpe Diem Inc. a patent for an ANTI-FATIGUE composition and under patent clearance for European countries.

A study conducted by Doctor Erick Couillard, Ph.D. and Doctor Denis R. Joanisse, Ph.D. from the Kinesiology Division of the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Laval University, Québec, on Radical Plus ANTI-FATIGUE® composition noted that resistance to physical exertion before the onset of fatigue improved by 25% after two weeks, and by 41% after 25 days on this supplementation.

This special blend of Collagen, Blueberries and amino acid supplement will make you use less energy (save up to 41% of your energy) during your daily routine hence resisting to fatigue more easily.

The Radical Plus ANTI-FATIGUE® natural formula increases the resistance of fatigue. It has the immediate effects of saving energy expenditure during the performance of daily tasks, activities and physical training exercises.

Radical Plus ANTI-FATIGUE® naturally helps the body to restore its reserves of collagen and provides a chain of amino acids recognized to have a beneficial effects on the immune system, muscles and tendons. It is enriched with a potent antioxidant based on blueberries extracts.

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